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chicken with saffron

chicken with saffron

white chicken farmer; (A person with chicken breast for an entry in count two into a flat), red and yellow peppers, (half yellow and half red for 2 or 3 people), saffron vinegar, saffron (infused the day in a little water), salt, butter.


Fry in butter chicken cut into strips. Add the infusion of saffron that will immediately generate color and flavor. At the same time cook in boiling water cut peppers into strips too. do warm up a bit by adding chicken; deglaze the pan with saffron vinegar, stand on the plate, a pinch sea salt and eaten hot.
Warm or cold it is not bad either!

Jelly saffron Milouda
• 3 sheets of gelatin
• 18 g of mountain honey
• 30 cl water
• 1 pinch of saffron pistil
Boil water and honey, then remove from heat add the saffron. Cover with paper and infuse 12 hours.
Reporter infusion to a simmer and add the gelatin sheets previously softened in cold water.

Preparation of apples
• 500 g apple Golden Hautes-Alpes
• 30g icing sugar
Peel the potatoes, drain them and cut into quarter.
Roll in icing sugar and leave them in baking paper plates.
Cook for 12 minutes in the oven at 160 ° C.
Small saffron cream
• 1 tablespoon cream
• 1 pinch of saffron pistil
• 1 sugar cane cloud
• 1 tablespoon icing sugar
• 30 g mascarpone
The day before, infuse into the hot cream the saffron and keep cold.
Fit whipped mascarpone mixture infused cream and icing sugar.

apple cube assembly jelly
Spread mold base in plastic wrap
Divide the cooked apples inside and then pour the saffron jelly still warm up. Refrigerate.
After 12 hours, unmold and cut gently with a thin knife blade hot cubes of 4.5 cm.
Do the same with the soft biscuit with pistachio and remove the cubes of apple jelly on it.
To serve arrange a cream point rise saffron on the cube, topped with chocolate tile. You can find the lowest saffron price on the web. I think personally Iranian saffron is the best one to buy.